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  • Reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts (checking, savings, pension plans, loans, investments, credit cards, etc.)

  • Entering of cash disbursements and cash receipts

  • Maintenance of accounts payable and receivable 

  • Filing and organization of any and all documents

  • Preparation of Financial Reports (B/S, P&L, G/L, etc.)

  • Entering adjusting journal entries to keep books in balance

  • Business tax license renewals

  • Prepare sales tax returns

  • Prepare workers’ compensation reports

  • Set up, upgrade, and/or train on QuickBooks (PC or Mac)

  • Liaison between you and your CPA, Financial Advisors, Bank, Attorney, Insurance Agents, etc.

  • Report Independent Contractors to EDD (DE-542)

  • Prepare Information Returns (Form 1099, Form 1096, etc.)

  • Your personal financial assistant, eager to assist you as needed

  • Paying of bills by writing checks by hand or printing from QuickBooks

  • Assembling of bill payments for signature and mailing

  • Filing of paid bills with payment stubs attached

  • Maintenance of a filing system for each year

  • Calling vendors regarding disputed items (i.e.: credit cards)

  • Preparation of Community Property Balance Sheet (assets and liabilities)

  • Process payroll via QuickBooks (direct deposit for employees available)

  • Calculate employees’ payroll checks

  • Calculate payroll tax deposits as required (next day, monthly, semi-weekly, or quarterly)

  • Process payroll tax payments through EFTPS (Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Service)

  • Prepare Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns (Form 941, DE-9 & DE-9C)

  • Prepare Annual Payroll Tax Returns (Form 944, 940-EZ, W-3, & W-2) – due January 31

  • Report New Hires to EDD (DE-34)

  • Reply to notices received, if any

  • Pension reporting and payments processed

  • Workers’ Compensation reporting

  • Liaison with Insurance Agent and Pension Actuary

  • Nationwide Payroll processing

  • Create new customer profiles, as needed

  • Create invoices for services rendered

  • Apply payments to invoices

  • Initial effort to collect on unpaid invoices

  • Reconciliation of accounts receivable

  • Liaison with attorney if more aggressive collection services are needed

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